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Introducing our Artist Development cohort

Get to know the final six! 

We had some brilliant applications to our 2021-22 Artist Development project, supported by PRS Foundation and it was really hard to choose our final group. Nevertheless, we are thrilled to announce our eclectic final six.

Introducing… Marla Kether, Medis, Ratiba Ayadi, Tallulah Blue, Tendergirl and The Yard Woman. Read on to learn more about each artist’s sound, and stay tuned for their progress updates over the coming months.


Marla Kether is a bassist, producer and DJ from London, who’s currently living in Bristol. Marla first started producing in early 2020, and has since been creating sample-heavy, Brazilian-inspired mash ups, remixes and hip-hop instrumentals – all of which can be streamed via SoundCloud


Medis is a Noods Resident and DJ, well known for spinning sentimental sounds and a wicked selection of dubstep. When it comes to producing, Medis likes to explore the boundaries of bass music and melds vocals, synths and samples, to make music that speaks to emotions and time. Tune in to Medis’ regular Noods show and get to know the “Sounds of [her] Mind”. 


Ratiba Ayadi is a multimedia and performance artist who, through romantic wordplay, ambient soundscapes and frequencies, she -the silent songstress- voyages along an uncertain and uncharted road. Listen to her latest project, The Land Before Time, to get a feel for her alchemic-like work.  


Tallulah Blue is a self-taught singer, songwriter, producer and composer from South Wales, who’s currently living in Bristol. Tallulah Blue’s music is expressive and eclectic, using experimental techniques to tell stories from the heart, the mind and the memory. Listen and get lost in their SoundCloud


Meet tendergirl; the producer, artist and DJ, lyrically exploring sexual identity and her battle against stereotypical gender-binary roles. “Experimental r&b and techno sounds, saucy words and sad vocals” are coming soon, but in the meantime you can stream some of her older stuff on SoundCloud.  


The Yard Woman is a techno DJ and producer, who after years of clubbing, made it her mission to channel some of that well-loved Bristol “energy” into her own tunes. The one question that guides her in the studio – ‘Would I dance to my track right now?’ Listening to her SoundCloud is guaranteed to make you want to go out!

Activity for the 2021-22 Artist Development Programme kicks off very soon and, in the coming months, each of our artists will be working hard to produce their site-responsive commissions for MSCTY. Keep your eyes on our Instagram, and the artist’s too, for progress updates and the first listen to each of their tracks.