SAFFRON MEMBERS CLUB • Online workshops and music tech tools for women and non-binary people to connect, learn and grow • Join today!

Saffron is a music tech initiative taking an intersectional approach to redressing the gender imbalance in the industry

Develop DJ skills and make connections in an encouraging and welcoming environment

Music tech courses covering production, audio engineering and radio broadcasting

A week-long digital event to globally connect and inspire women and non-binary people in music tech

Saffron’s in-house independent record label, showcasing music from our creative community

Supporting the vision of emerging artists in South West England to grow their skills and take full creative control of their careers


Mix Nights

Saffron For Sound

Seven Days Of Sound

Saffron Records

Artist Development


Women, non-binary and trans people occupy less than 5% of the music tech industry


To increase that figure, advancing gender equality in the sector by creating safe spaces for learning, community and progression



Online workshops and music tech tools for women and non-binary people to connect, learn and grow

Join hundreds of Saffron Members worldwide, from London to Kampala and NYC to Lahore, getting intimate access to directly learn from trailblazers in our industry.

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Providing accessible music tech courses and workshops for those that are currently under-represented in the industry


Nurturing supportive connections, bringing people together to cultivate safe spaces with opportunities for musical collaboration


Elevating diverse role models, with an intersectional approach to removing barriers to access across the gender spectrum


Advocating for industry change in a constructive and long-lasting way, providing pathways towards greater diversity in professional spaces

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Saffron is coming to Birmingham

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We are hiring: Digital Officer & Artist Coordinator

“Saffron have been actively working in the music community and industry to bring about change and empower women. I am inspired by all they do!”


“Being on Saffron’s Artist Development scheme has been life changing. They’ve challenged me to believe that I can achieve more and given me the skills to allow me to do so.”



“Saffron awakened me to a new passion and set the wheels in motion for me achieving my dream of having my own radio show!”



“Saffron’s Mix Nights course helped me put myself out there and achieve more than I imagined. The coaching gave me confidence and opportunities that I would never have had otherwise.”


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