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Become a Saffron Member: Applications for all tiers now open!

Saffron Members is just over a year old and we’ve already got loads of amazing online workshops to look back on. We’ve reached 350 people across 30 countries and have been so lucky to be joined by such brilliant guest hosts, including Peach, Loraine James, Madam X and many more.


Our “Saffron Supporter” membership grants access to our monthly member newsletter, one online “Tech Dissect” session and exclusive discounts from music tech brands, all for just £5 a month. 

For £12 a month, our “Saffron Sustainer” tier levels up and will grant access to an additional “Mix Nights” online session and an “Industry Insights” online session, as well as granting access to the Saffron Online Library. 

Our “Saffron Soulmate” tier is priced at £22 a month and, in addition to everything that the two previous tiers provide, will grant access to Saffron’s library of videos from the past month, 3 x 1-2-1 mentoring sessions and one free item of merch annually. 

Our ​​Saffron memberships are available through Patreon. Donations can also be made to purchase memberships for others.


Breaking down financial barriers to access is very important to us and that’s why we ensure that half of all Saffron Members subscriptions are completely free to women and non-binary people globally. 

If you are a woman, non-binary or trans person who can’t afford to subscribe through Patreon, then request a free 1-year space using our application form


Pay it forward! Making a regular donation through Patreon will allow another woman, non-binary or trans person to access the members club and learn within our safe community.

This membership tier does not give you any benefits in return, other than our gratitude and the knowledge that you are helping support Saffron’s work to tackle the gender imbalance in music tech. 

Here’s to another year of our Saffron Members community. We hope you’ll join us!