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Below you’ll find some answers to the most common questions we get asked about our work.

What is music tech? +

The creation of modern music is increasingly reliant on access to digital technologies. Artists who understand the processes of producing, mixing and engineering music are empowered to take creative control over their sound and overall artistic direction. This means that, far from being a niche pursuit, music technology feeds into and shapes the whole music ecosystem.

I want to learn about music tech +

  • Apply for a music tech course. Open to women, trans and nonbinary people in the UK
  • Become a Saffron Member. Access our monthly digital workshops and global community platform for women, trans and nonbinary people
  • Book a 1-2-1 mentoring session. Open to all genders, worldwide
  • Already work in the music industry? See how we can collaborate with your company through our industry programs

I'm a brand/festival/organisation, how can I collaborate with you? +

  • Sponsor and collaborate on a Saffron project
  • Employ us for training, consultancy and enrichment
  • Book our artists
  • Donate

I want to donate +


What is your gender policy? +

The gender imbalance in music tech is well-recognised. While Saffron is absolutely not ‘anti-men’, we see the tangible evidence and benefits of providing fellowship and learning environments that are not dominated by cisgender men. The majority of our courses and workshops are solely intended for women, non-binary people, trans-masc, trans-femme and gender non-conforming people. However, our mentoring service, industry training and many of our public-facing events are open to ALL genders. We also have a small number of men involved in Saffron in various ways, as we feel that if we want to see real change in the industry then we need to have good role models across the gender spectrum. Regarding our use of gendered language – we are always open to take on feedback and hear people’s thoughts. We recognise that language is important and ever-changing and different terminology can feel comfortable for different people – our individuality means there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’.

Do I have to pay to take part in a Saffron activity? +

  • As a small non-profit organisation, relying on grants and donations is not enough to sustain Saffron’s work in the long term, so we do charge for most of our community activities. However, we strive to keep prices accessible and offer at least 25% of places completely free or heavily discounted.
  • We offer 0% interest payment plans for everyone paying the full course fee which is split into 4 monthly payments.
  • Subsidised places on our courses and member subscriptions are intended for those who are unemployed/underemployed, receiving government assistance or have a very limited amount of income left over after meeting basic needs. No proof is needed, we trust that these spaces will be filled by those who qualify.

Who funds Saffron? +

Saffron is a registered Community Interest Company, essentially a non-profit organisation. We generate income through 3 main sources – individual and industry donations, sponsorships, grant funding, and revenue from courses and consultancy.

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