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Expansion Sessions

A new series of hands-on music tech workshops in Bristol in 2024.

Running Jan – April, these 4 intimate sessions are an opportunity for women, trans and non-binary people in Bristol to come together to learn exciting new skills that are an extension of topics we touch on in our courses.

Each session will be 3 hours long in central Bristol and cost between £5 and £8.

Intro to Vinyl DJing @ Strange Brew – 14th Jan

This session on the basics of vinyl DJing will be led by Mix Nights co-creators Daisy Moon and Em Williams.

Daisy Moon is a producer and DJ based in Bristol, UK. With a background in contemporary performance, her music intuitively assimilates the club-orientated sounds of house and leftfield techno with elements of experimental composition, field recordings and sound design. 

Field Recordings @ Hamilton House – 18th Feb

This session on field recording will be led by Mix Nights co-creator Daisy Moon and Noods Radio host Medis, aka Marley Small.

Participants will meet at Hamilton House, then go on a ‘sound walk’ in the city using phones to record sounds, then learn how to transfer into a DAW, manipulate and collage them together into a track.

Drum machines & live dubbing @ Strange Brew – 30th March

This session will give participants a hands-on opportunity to play with synthesisers and drum machines in a collaborative live dubbing process. It will be led by Jasmine (aka Guest) and Bridget (aka Sunun).

Creative Sampling @ Strange Brew – 14th April

Join us and Manchester’s Pops Roberts (aka Private Joy) as she opens up her different techniques to approach sampling with Ableton Live and Ableton Push. 

It will be really useful for participants attending this session if they already have some experience or understanding of using Ableton Live or another DAW.