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Marla Kether EP Launch Bristol

Strange Brew, Bristol

Marla Kether EP LAUNCH with MADLY & Jackson Worm

26th November 2023

7.00 PM

Pay what you can

Bassist, DJ and producer Marla Kether launches her debut self-produced EP in Bristol at Strange Brew. Expect a seamless blend of musical genres, marrying groove and driving basslines with Afrobeat and Congolese Soukous. Special guests include MADLY and Jackson Worm.


London-born to Congolese parents, Marla Kether is a bassist, DJ and producer based in Bristol and London. Having cut her musical teeth doing session work, tours for the likes Yazmin Lacey, Oscar Jerome, as well as being core member of of both Loyle Carner and Obongjayar’s bands, Marla is now taking centre stage and establishing herself as a solo artist for the first time since starting to produce music in lockdown 2020, fuelled by a desire to use the time away from touring to develop her own musical identity.

With the backing of our in-house label, Saffron Records, Marla will be releasing a self-produced global dance EP on November 1st 2023, preceded by 4 singles with features including Onipa frontman K.O.G, Snazzback collaborator Solomon O.B, and Arlo Parks’ keys player MADELEINE. Her releases showcase her remarkable ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical genres and influences into her music; marrying Theo Parrish-style groove and driving baselines with Afrobeat and Congolese Soukous, drawn from from her unique and extensive experience.

Having been championed by the likes of Crack Magazine, Jamz Supernova, Shanti Celeste and Gilles Peterson to name a few, the launch of Marla Kether’s debut EP is not to be missed!

+ Support from MĀDŁY (live) and Jackson Worm (DJ)


MĀDŁY is a Parisian born, Bristol based singer and MC, deeply embedded into the life of Bristol’s jazz, RnB and hip-hop scenes. Expect Neo-soul, with a pinch of hip hop, a sprinkle of Nu-Jazz and some French lyricism.


DJ, co-director of Worm Disco and percussionist who’s parties and label have been a staple for Bristol since 2014. Jackson Worm has garnered a reputation for his love and deep knowledge of Brazilian music, percussion and musical history.

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