What We Do

Saffron For Sound

A series of six week Music Tech courses in Music Production (Ableton Live and Logic) and Sound Engineering for womxn.

The aim is to teach, empower and create visibility for women in male dominant spaces.

Mix Nights

Established in 2016 by Saffron, Bristol Women in Music (defunct) and DJ Shanti Celeste, Mix Nights was created for Womxn to develop DJ skills in an encouraging, safe and welcoming environment. Each nine week Mix Nights course culminates with a showcase event at a local venue, where the DJ students are given the opportunity to play their first DJ set in public.

In an effort to help build a community for Womxn interested in DJing, Mix Nights also host ‘Open Decks’ sessions in a local record store and have residency nights at Bristol venues The Love Inn and The Christmas Steps and a bi-monthly show on Noods Radio.

Mix Nights has been featured on the likes of BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, Crack Magazine, Stamp The Wax and Red Bull Music.

Further info - mix-nights.com

Mix Nights Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/gaGd-T

Saffron Records

Our in house independent record label showcases the music created from our artist development programme, alongside other womxn acts from around the globe.

The label raises the profile of our artists as well as the work we are doing, inspiring and empowering more women to get involved.

Listen to and support recent releases from Saffron Records on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Artist Development

Supported by the PRSF Talent Development Partner Network and Red Bull Music, we work with three emerging womxn artists each year. We provide them with industry mentoring, talent development, focus groups, access to our music tech education programs as well as the opportunity to record and release their music through our own independent label.

We provide women with the leadership skills and strategic vision to take full creative control of their music careers.

Artists we have worked with include Mercy’s Cartel, China Bowls, Beula and Ngaio.

101 Sessions

A series of music tech masterclasses and 101 sessions, sharing advice from industry leaders for our advanced learner community.

These train and further develop women to become future role models and representatives; to increase visibility of women in the music tech industry.

Tech Dissect

Tech Dissect is a gathering for Womxn in Music Tech, taking place at Spitfire Studios in London on Saturday 9 November 2019.

The first event of its kind, Saffron aims to cultivate a space that inspires creativity and connection by bringing together Womxn of all ages and experiences.

Tech Dissect Newsletter: http://bit.ly/TechDissectNews

Tech Dissect Tickets: Coming very soon

Tech Dissect Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/TechDissectFB