Anyone can be a Saffron ally with a one-off or regular donation. Your financial support can provide a Saffron membership subscription for someone in our community who isn’t able to afford it themselves. Regular donations will also allow us to serve our community more wholly and plan strategically into the future, meeting our core aims to:

Support, champion and inspire women and non-binary people in music tech

Empower women and non-binary artists to take more creative control of their careers by learning new skills and technological understanding

Promote inclusivity and representation for all, both on stage and behind the scenes

Spotlight a diverse range of people in music tech and take up space in historically cisgender male-dominated areas

Have a tangible effect on the gendered stereotypes society holds about roles and abilities, through long-term community building and education

Inspire a future generation of women and non-binary people in the music tech industry



Show your Saffron support by purchasing some merch! T-Shirts, tote bags and more are available on our Bandcamp, as well as downloads of all our Saffron Records label releases


Coming Soon! We’re working on a supporters guide on how you can be a better ally to women and non-binary people in music tech!


If you are a brand or individual who feels they have something further to offer in support or partnership, please get in touch