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Saffron x Mix Nights present: Soundpaths

Introducing a new development programme for Black women, non-binary and trans artists in the UK

Saffron is delighted to announce Soundpaths – a programme to support 20 Black emerging electronic music producers and DJs in the UK in 2024. 

Participants in Soundpaths will receive four bespoke 1-2-1 mentoring sessions, as well as a subscription to the Saffron Members digital club, comprising 3 workshops every month, tutorial videos and access to an online platform for peer connection. Mentoring sessions will be led by Ikonika, Grove, Ehua, Pops Roberts, and Glade Marie – outstanding producers, DJs, vocalists and all-round creatives in the genres of techno, rave, amapiano, R&B and more.

Soundpaths is designed to support Black and mixed Black heritage women, trans and nonbinary people who are in the emerging stages of production and/or DJing. Applicants should already know how to DJ and/or produce to some extent, but don’t necessarily have to be at the stage of releasing music publicly yet or playing lots of shows. 


At Saffron, we know how valuable it is to connect with other people in your community, supporting each other with creative expression and learning, whilst seeing positive role models thriving. Inclusive creative environments lead to exciting musical risk-taking, resilience and self-reliance, propelling individuals towards creative output and into the music industry, resulting in wider gradual social shifts in perceptions about gender roles.

To achieve more equitable electronic and music tech industries, we must first nurture truly inclusive environments that provide emerging artists with tools, resources and opportunities for peer connection. Progress in the sector can be made through the established industry supporting grassroots organisations like Saffron who are working year-round on initiatives like Soundpaths that enable underrepresented community development and facilitation of knowledge sharing. 


You must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible to apply for Soundpaths:


Hit the button below to fill in the online application form by 6pm on 23rd February 2024.

We will notify you of the outcome of your application by 31st March 2024.




Ehua is an Italian producer and DJ living in London. With a residency on the iconic Rinse FM, she explores percussion-influenced sonic realms across a wide range of tempos. Recent releases have been on labels such as 3024, Nervous Horizon and fabric. Away from club music, Ehua has composed soundtracks for short films and artistic performances and she is part of the creative collective SPAZIO GRIOT.

Mentoring specialities: Music Production – Logic Pro, Vocal Production, DJing, Radio, Artist Development


Glade Marie is a south London-based DJ who holds a residency at Tola Peckham and has been a Radio Presenter hosting a weekly radio show ‘Late With Glade’ on what The Guardian has called ‘Black Britain’s new radio station’, No Signal. She champions her eclectic selection of jazz, funk, soul, hip hop and r&b while maintaining club presence over the UK. Glade Marie’s sound reflects her love for her culture and her community.

Mentoring specialities: DJing – Quick Mixing & Multi-Genre, Beginner Music Production (Edits & mashups), Running A Club Night, Social Media & Branding.


Producer/vocalist Grove contorts dancehall, bass and hip-hop,  spurred by sensual liberation and political defiance. Inspired by the DIY nature and ethos of punk, the catharsis of dance music & the power of Jamaican soundsystem culture, Grove feeds you food for thought at the dance and enough energy to turn thought into action. They have recently been tearing up festivals worldwide and supporting the likes of Bob Vylan, Peaches, BABii & Moonchild Sanelly.

Mentoring specialities: Music & Vocal Production – Logic Pro, Mixing Your Tracks, Developing Your Vocal Style, DJing, Touring and Releasing Music


After four albums, dozens of EPs, and gigs all over the globe, Ikonika is one of the most respected names in the UK bass diaspora. Best known for her numerous releases on Hyperdub, as well on Don’t Be Afraid (DBA), Night Slugs and Planet Mu, she is an artist ever in motion, now light years away from the post-dubstep landscape where she first made her name. Club-friendly rhythms with a strong sense of melody also showcase her love of pop, R&B, and bashment. She’s also opened up to singing on her recent material, including the Amapiano-soaked ‘Bubble Up’ EP and has led to a new live show which combines singing, with live edits of her songs as well as DJing. Ikonika also holds radio residencies on Balamii and Movement.

Mentoring specialities: Developing Your Sound, Music Production – Ableton, Vocal Production, Workflow and Structure, Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone


Based in Manchester, Pops Roberts is a key player in the UK soul and electronic scenes. As a producer, vocalist and Ableton Certified trainer, Pops specialises in workflow and creative strategies in production with a particular focus on vocals. As a producer and vocalist, Pops goes by the moniker of Private Joy and, is bandleader to the ‘Lovescene’ collective, with critically acclaimed, and award-winning releases and has collaborated with international artists Ruf Dug, FINN, Lenzman Mera Bhai, Zed Bias, DubPhizix, Redeyes and Swing Ting to name but a few.

Mentoring specialities: Music Production – Ableton, Vocal Production, Workflow, Creative Sampling, Releasing Music, Ableton Push/Live performance


The gender imbalance in the music technology industry is well-recognised. While we are absolutely not ‘anti-men’, we see that a shorter-term solution is to provide fellowship and learning environments that are not dominated by the cisgender male perspective. Therefore, Soundpaths is intended for women, non-binary, trans and gender non-conforming people.

Saffron is grateful for financial backing from Beatport’s Diversity + Parity Fund, which has made the Soundpaths project possible.