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Saffron Threads w/ Ellie Stokes

Threads of Saffron shares the rich journeys of Saffron’s alumni/community members. Find out what they’ve been up to since participating in our projects.

In search of a space to learn how to DJ that wasn’t male dominated, Ellie Stokes joined Mix Nights term 4. We caught up with now-Team Love booker about her incredible journey over the last 7 years – and how it all began. 

Interview and words by Caragh Jones

Eyeing up her older brother’s turntables from a young age, Ellie had always been interested in DJing – that interest later solidified through work in music venues. Despite being surrounded by male DJ friends, “the kind of friends who try to teach you at house parties” – it didn’t really stick. 

“When I saw the Mix Nights course advertised I thought, finally, a space that wasn’t male dominated.” Instead, and thanks to tutor Daisy Moon, “it was a really supportive, welcoming experience that gave me so much more confidence”. And the best bit yet – “the course made me feel worthy of being in the space”.  

Since the Mix Nights showcase, Ellie got involved with electronic music festival  Love International, and is now holding down a long term residency in its home on the Adriatic island of Tisno, Croatia. Other milestones include gigs at Glastonbury Festival, Warehouse Project and most recently Fabric, surrounded by the best crew.

Aside from the gigs, a particular moment to be proud of was being offered the booker role for Team Love’s, Love International – “as a gay woman, I care deeply about diversity and representation on lineups so this was an amazing opportunity to bring that into my work, and help create that change we all want to see in the industry.”

Ellie playing a recent gig at Fabric

Team Love has strong ties with Saffron which enables Ellie to work with us day-to-day – “it’s amazing to see the new talent that Saffron introduces to the city and beyond.”

So, to anyone on the fence about a Saffron course, Ellie says, “100% do it – without doing the course I wouldn’t be where I am today – it changed the course of my life. I didn’t know what I was doing and it gave me a focus into something I enjoy doing.”

Today, that focus is trying to crack production after being offered a place on Saffron’s beginner Ableton Live course but also building gig momentum after some time out for health reasons. And that momentum is definitely building for Ellie with gigs in India, Lithuania and Paris to come.

Want to learn how to DJ? Head to our Mix Nights page to find out when we’re next running a course in your city.