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Saffron founder speaks out on Misogyny in Music

Saffron’s founder, Laura Lewis Paul shares her reflections on the government’s enquiry into sexism in the music sector, live on BBC and ITV News.

Last week, Saffron’s founder Laura Lewis Paul was invited on BBC News and ITV News to share her response to the government’s Misogyny in Music report, alongside Saffron graduate and team member, Glade Marie.

The report confirmed the reality of challenges faced by women and gender non-conforming people in the music industry, highlighting the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and abuse, unequal pay and a lack of support – particularly for those facing intersectional barriers. Though its findings are distressing, the report affirms the need for urgent action, and paves the way for disrupting the patterns that perpetuate these widespread injustices.

This work is crucial. If you would like to support our ongoing efforts to foster a more inclusive music industry that is better for all, here are some ways to get involved.