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Meet Marla & Hari: Saffron’s newest recruits

Get to know Marla Mbemba and Hari Newland, who join Saffron as our Digital Marketing Officer and Artist and Label Coordinator.

We’re delighted to welcome two talented team members to Saffron – Marla Mbemba and Hari Newland.

Marla comes on board as our new Digital Marketing Officer. She’s a producer, DJ and session musician who’s passionate about using social media to encourage and increase the representation of minority groups in music tech.

Despite having only just finished her Chemistry degree, Marla already has three years’ experience driving digital audience growth through targeted content creation and networking with target audiences. She was also a participant in Saffron’s latest artist development programme.

Marla says: “I’ve been a member of the Saffron community since 2020, so have witnessed first-hand just how impactful their work is. I’m excited to be part of such a passionate team, and to facilitate the growth of such a vital initiative!”

Hari joins as our new Artist and Label Coordinator to support with the curation of releases on Saffron Records and facilitate the smooth running of our Bristol-based Artist Development programme.

Hari has worked within Bristol’s music scene since 2018 and recently co-founded queer collective SNOG in addition to running their own ventures as a producer, DJ, radio host and festival organiser. Their working practice is informed by their background in horizontal grassroots activism and the many pockets of the music industry they’ve resided in.

Hari says: “I’m dead excited to build and deliver the next artist development programme and get involved with the Saffron project. The chance to mix my dispositions from both music and activism for a great label that’s committed to creating sustainable groundworks, addressing serious access barriers in music is a total dream.”

Laura, our founder says: “We are feeling all the feels as we bring on Marla and Hari to the Saffron family.

What this means for Saffron is that there will not just be more focus on our artists through our artist development programme and label, and our digital media outreach and approach, but that we will be expanding and supporting a really progressive, thoughtful and caring team that is fully invested in all areas of Saffron’s community and its growth.”


We’re currently recruiting for a City Coordinator in Nottingham. Find out more about the position and how to apply here.

Application Deadline: 6pm, Tuesday 6th September