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Danielle is a DJ and international touring artist from London based in Bristol. After a long stint at London’s Phonica growing up, she has had a long held NTS residency and has been touring regularly across the globe for several years. Her skills have been recognised by key publications including Mixmag, RA & DJ Mag (where she was nominated as a best breakthrough DJ in 2020). As a DJ she reaches across stylistic divides to pursue the sounds that speak her language. In her hands, myriad splinters of house, techno, electro, bass, breakbeat, jungle, ambient and experimental music can slot together, but more crucially, it’s the endless wells of misfits that fall between those generic signposts which give her sets the edge. Elsewhere, she is a co-founder of Bristol’s Mix Nights DJ course and works in an A&R and consultancy capacity for Team Love, she has also recently started her own label Soft Raw – which speaks to her consistent instinct for new developments within club music.

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