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Saffron Music workshop Kilamanzego


Tech Dissect w/ Kilamanzego

24th August 2023

7.30 PM BST

£7..21 or FREE for Saffron Members

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Remixing other people’s music is a great way for electronic artists to gain exposure and build relationships with other creators in the industry. In this online Ableton workshop, Philadelphia’s Kilamanzego shows you how. 

Join the innovative producer and sound designer on zoom to gain an insight into the thought processes that shaped her forthcoming remix of ‘Plan the Escape (Sirens and Tremors)’ by Everything Everywhere All at Once composers, Son Lux. She will talk about: choosing a key, track structures, sound design, experimental freedom + more. There will also be a Q+A with an opportunity to ask for input and advice.

Out on the 11th August, the track is part of an album of remixes which is available to pre-order here.

About Kilamanzego

Kilamanzego (pronounced “kill a man’s ego”) is an androgynous experimental electronic musician, vocalist, and DJ based in Philadelphia, and is not your average producer. Forming punk, jazz, hardcore, and ska bands in her youth, her musical interests expanded to left-field electronic sound design, drawing inspiration from all the aforementioned genres.  Her primary focus is advocating for artists with marginalized identities, especially in the electronic music scene. She has performed on major festival stages such as Red Rocks and Shambhala Fest, alongside artists Clozee, Black Coffee, JD & Domi Beck, Purity Ring, and Four Tet. Her 2023 EP Black Weirdo, which emphasizes having identity struggles, was released July 28 on Get Better Records.




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