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Mix Nights Online w/ Freshta

22nd January 2024

7.30 PM GMT


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There’s no guidebook to navigating the underground music industry – but we can offer you the next best thing. Join us for our first Mix Nights Online workshop of 2024, in which DJ, coder and Rinse FM resident Freshta will be sharing insights from her own self-directed learning on the scene.

In this personal, community-focused session we will explore with Freshta some of the lesser-talked-about topics and nuances of a performing DJ’s career. She will cover topics including:

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Freshta is a multi-talented artist who has become a rising star in the music and fashion worlds. As a DJ, she has gained a loyal following with her club-ready electronic music sets that feature a signature bass-heavy sound as well as incorporating sonic influences from her Middle-Eastern & South Asian heritage. With smooth blends across genres like UK garage, breaks, and techno, she keeps crowds on their feet and delivers unforgettable performances that have taken her to some of the most iconic venues in the world, including Fabric and Razzmatazz.

In addition to her prowess behind the decks, Freshta is also a talented radio host. Her monthly show on Rinse FM is a must-listen for music lovers who want to stay up-to-date with new and upcoming releases as well as the freshest unreleased material. With a keen ear for emerging talent, she has introduced her audience to a range of new sounds and broken down expectations. Her unique approach to radio show concepts has won her plaudits, and she has even done sets with MCs outside of their comfort zones, such as her memorable techno and electro set with grime MC Jammz and her killer 160BPM set with Manga and Killa P.

Freshta’s talents extend beyond music as well. Her industrial streetwear style has gained her recognition and admiration, and she has been featured in DJ Mag’s Style Spotlight in March 2023 and in the Office Shoes x Dr Martens online winter 2022 campaign. Her attention to detail and commitment to her craft shines through in her fashion choices and stage outfits, which are just as memorable as her DJ sets.

With her unique vision and diverse range of skills, Freshta has become known for her curated events under the banner of “Freshta Presents.” Most recently with Keep Hush, she has carefully curated stages and club nights that showcase her love of music and fashion. Whether she’s behind the decks, on the airwaves, or curating lineups, Freshta is a true innovator who brings a fresh perspective and unique creative energy to everything she does.





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