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mix nights community clinic


Mix Nights Online: Community Clinic

26th October 2023

7.30 pm BST

£7.21 or free for Sustainer & Soulmate Saffron Members

Saffron’s monthly workshops are part of the Saffron Members Club, but non-members who are women, non-binary people, trans or gender non-conforming folks may also purchase a ticket.


Mix Nights community clinic is an online space for women, trans and gender non-conforming DJs to ask questions, bring challenges and get support from the community. 

Come along to meet other community members, build links and get input on anything you’re currently stuck with. The session will be facilitated by Mix Nights co-creators Em Williams and Daisy Moon, who will also be on hand to offer their advice. 

How it works:

The session will start with a check-in, giving everyone a chance to introduce themselves and share something they would like support with from the group. We will then use the remainder of the session to work through as many discussion points as possible. 

Some areas you can ask for support with:

You can still attend the workshop if you do not have a challenge or question to bring to the group. It can be just as beneficial to listen to what other people have to bring and feed in with your responses. There will also be an opportunity to share social links towards the end of the session so that you can stay in touch afterwards.


Em is a Bristol-based DJ/Producer, co-founder and tutor alongside Daisy Moon and Danielle of Bristol’s Mix Nights DJ course. A veteran DJ with nearly 20 years of experience, Em began her career in the early 2000s playing small parties, raves, bars, and clubs across the UK and Europe. While on this journey, she also held down a residency at Simple, one of the longest running UK parties and an Oxford clubbing institution that has welcomed a host of DJ prestige over the years. Securing residencies at much-loved hedonist rave meccas Field Maneuvers and Gottwood since their formation, her sets have become fabled for their heads down, electronic explorations. In 2018 Em joined with her partner Stav, to develop a collaborative DJ/ production project, and developed their first EP, Afterglow, released on Midland’s revered Intergraded label. Their sonic palette crosses broken, pulsating techno, low slung, warbling deep house and robust electro with dexterity and conviction. This year the duo plan for further releases, their inaugural record label and continuing their monthly NOODS radio and festival residencies.


Daisy Moon is a producer and DJ based in Bristol, UK. With a background in contemporary performance, her music intuitively assimilates the club-orientated sounds of techno, electro and house with elements of experimental composition, field recordings and sound design, combined with ethereal songwriting and submerged vocal traces. Her latest release, Reflections On a Flower-Garden came out on CURL recordings last year, and previously she released an EP – Geometry of Curves on Idle Hands in 2019. Daisy is one of the co-founders and tutors (with Em Williams and Danielle) behind Mix Nights which is a DJ course, platform and community designed to encourage women, trans, non-binary and minority genders to learn how to DJ.

Em and Daisy are also available to offer 1-2-1 support via Saffron’s mentoring platform.