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Industry Insights: Releasing your music pt.3

23rd August 2022


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Presenting the third and final workshop in our releasing music mini-series hosted by indie distribution specialist Kameil Sattar. 

Kameil Sattar currently works at Cargo Records, an independent music distribution company based in Fulham, London as well as being a board member at Saffron.

In this session, Kameil will be looking at what makes a successful release campaign, by comparing two case campaign studies – one from an established artist and one from an up-and-comer. She’ll close by presenting a round-up of retail opportunities. This will be a highly interactive session with lots of time to ask questions so don’t miss this brilliant opportunity to receive personalised advice.


An experienced indie music distribution specialist, she started off her career in music by opening record shop that she co-managed in the early 1990’s in Falkirk Scotland, then winding down to London to try and get a job in the industry working primarily in online and digital music distribution in the early 2000s, selling music to stores such as Amazon, Napster, HMV online and then transitioned into digital distribution when iTunes launched in London 2003 and has seen how the digital music landscape has shaped the way artists and labels work now.

Her recent work includes campaigns for: Burial, Jlin, Jessy Lanza, Loraine James, Fatimah Al Qadiri, Kode 9, Fiyahdread & Scratch DVA.


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