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Pauline Bourdon


Industry Insights: Climate & The Music Industry

27th March 2024

7.30 pm GMT

£8.30 or free for sustainer and soulmate members

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How can music and creativity be used to address the climate crisis? In what ways is the industry transforming its practices to become more sustainable, from artists and agencies to labels and festivals? If you’re curious about these questions, join us for our next Industry Insights workshop hosted by sustainability specialist Pauline Bourdon. Together with Pauline we will explore possibilities for challenging established practices with the aim of a greener, fairer, music industry. We will consider the following areas:

There will be an interactive session with plenty of opportunities to ask questions of your own.


Throughout her 16-year career in live events, sustainability has always been a core part of Pauline Bourdon’s work ethos. In this time, she has worked in artist logistics and tour managed across the globe, from Europe all the way to Costa Rica, lending her expertise to world-renowned festivals: Glastonbury Silver Hayes, Boomtown Fair, Envision Festival and Simple Things Festival.  In February 2021, she launched Soliphilia: a sustainability & green touring consultancy dedicated to artists and the music industry. She currently undertakes the role of Sustainability & Social Cohesion Coordinator at Team Love in Bristol, working again on Love Saves The Day, Love International and Waterworks. She’s also a lecturer at Bimm Bristol and USW in Event Sustainability.


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The gender imbalance in the music technology industry is well-recognised. While we are absolutely not ‘anti-men’, we see that a shorter-term solution is to provide fellowship and learning environments that are not dominated by the cisgender male perspective. Therefore, these workshops are intended for women, non-binary, trans and gender non-conforming people to attend. While we do not ban cisgender men from attending, we hope that they will respect that this event is not intended for them.