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7 Days of Sound 2023


7 Days of Sound 2023

27th January 2023



Saffron presents 7 Days of Sound: a week-long digital event to connect and inspire a global community.

Daily workshop sessions take place on Zoom catering to varying backgrounds, genres and levels of experience and will last a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2.5 hours (with comfort breaks).

Book a ticket for a single day or the whole week. Donation (£1+) tickets are also available for those that need. See below for more info.

The event is open to women, non-binary and trans folks worldwide.


DAY 1 – Friday 27th Jan

7.30 PM GMT – Sonic fullness when gigging solo w/ TRISHES (Supported by Novation)

In this workshop musician and artist TRISHES will break down her live performance setup, giving you an insight into how all the pieces fit all together physically and musically, and how she uses each one to create rich layers of sound. You’ll also discover how she approaches practical elements of live performance, from preparing for unexpected elements to working with the front of house to get the best results at show time.

DAY 2 – Saturday 28th Jan

4.30 PM GMT – Mixdown Surgery Hour w/ rRoxymore (Supported by AIAIAI)

“House and techno rule-breaker” rRoxymore has spent a decade blurring the lines between the electronic and the organic. Submit your tracks in advance for potential inclusion in her Surgery Hour and discover how to combine precision, texture and fluidity in your mixdowns.

DAY 3: Sunday 29th Jan

5.00 PM GMT – Vocal Production Techniques w/ Pops Roberts (Supported by Ableton)

Tips and techniques for getting great quality recordings, editing workflow, and adding some creative flourishes to both lead and backing vocals in your music. Presented by certified Ableton trainer, Pops Roberts.

8.00 PM GMT – Beat Breakdown w/ Josette Joseph (Supported by Ableton)

Lex Amor producer and XL Recordings in-house engineer Josette Joseph breaks down tracks she’s worked on for her own projects and other artists using Ableton Live. Get an insight into how she approaches making track variations, putting together collaborative projects and recording and processing sounds.

DAY 4: Monday 30th Jan

7.30 PM GMT – Composing & Arranging for Strings w/ Homay Schmitz (Supported by Spitfire Audio)

Homay Schmitz takes a deep dive into her work on Jordan Rakei’s “Brace”, from composing and programming of samples to translating and preparing parts for live strings recording.

DAY 5: Tuesday 31st Jan

7.30 PM GMT – Starting a record label from scratch w/ Elena Colombi

In this session, Elena will give you an insight into the process of setting up and running an independent record label. Discover what she wished she knew when starting up her imprint Osàre! Editions, as she shares tips on everything from digital vs physical formats (vinyl, tapes & more), A&R, admin, marketing and distribution.

DAY 6: Wednesday 1st Feb

7.30 PM GMT – Multi-genre DJ sets w/ Manuka Honey (Supported by Pioneer DJ)

As an artist, music producer, writer and DJ, Manuka Honey’s work explores diasporic language formation and mysticism. In this workshop, she will uncover how she translates her practice through “beautifully chaotic” multi-genre DJ sets.

DAY 7: Thursday 2nd Feb

7.30 PM GMT – Mastering w/ Heba Kadry (Supported by Soundtoys)

Join us for an interview / Q&A with superstar mastering engineer Heba Kadry. In this session, we’ll be discussing Heba’s journey into the world of engineering, her approach to working with artists and her processes behind the desk. We’ll be shaping the conversation around your questions, so if you’ve got something you’d like us to ask Heba email it to


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We never want money to be a barrier to people accessing music tech, so if you are unable to afford a ticket but believe you would benefit from attending 7 DAYS OF SOUND, please fill in this support form and we’ll send you a link to a donation (£1+) ticket.


We are committed to making our online events as accessible as possible. We have created a guidance document about this – Click here to view the accessibility document. Alternatively, please email us with any access requirements you may have:


The gender imbalance in the music technology industry is well-recognised. While Saffron is absolutely not ‘anti-men’, we see that a shorter-term solution is to provide fellowship and learning environments that are not dominated by the cisgender male perspective. Therefore, 7 DAYS OF SOUND is intended for women, non-binary, trans and gender non-conforming folk to attend. While we do not ban cisgender men from attending, we hope that they will respect that this event is not intended for them.